1. How do I make a return or exchange?

All returns and exchanges will need to be handled in-store, with a copy of your emailed receipt. 

"Patagonia Sample Sale" product is NON-RETURNABLE, NON-REFUNDABLE as stated on each product from this collection.

2. How do I purchase a kayak, canoe, paddleboard or trailer?
Currently, the only way to purchase a boat is to Email Your Local Shop about scheduling a curbside pickup transaction. 

Our In-Stock Boat Price List can be found HERE.
Boats on SALE can be found HERE.

Best way to get your question answered? Email your local shop!

Chapel Hill - gopc501@greatoutdoorprovion.com

Charlotte - gopc301@greatoutdoorprovision

Charlottesville - gopc201@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Greensboro - gopc801@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Greenville - gopc101@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Raleigh - gopc401@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Virginia Beach - gopc701@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Wilmington - gopc901@greatoutdoorprovision.com

Winston-Salem - gopc601@greatoutdoorprovision.com